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  1. I’m wanting to attend a reunion of the original Blue Ghost / Ruthless riders that trained at Ft. Knox and went to Viet Nam in Oct 1967. We were at Chu Lai. If anyone knows of an upcoming reunion, please contact me. 970-434-7452

  2. Steve-
    Thank you for the update. I need help finding readers to markup or comment on a Draft MS. The novel is A Few Birds in Hell. How do I post the Table of Contents and allow readers to pick and choose their choice? Just exchange emails with mine and contact will occur. The novel is 23 chapters from C2/17 101st to C7/17 in Nam as Historical Fiction based on my recall of what we did. The fiction occurs with rearranging battles to fit the plot. Any thoughts appreciated? Regards, Chaparalle 6

    1. Just stumbled on this site, you won’t remember me, but you might remember story. Myself and my German friend, Horst Kloss came with you from Campbell as C Trp 2/17, 101st. After filling sandbags at Enari and becoming 7/17, we approached you for a transfer out, saying we didn’t come here to fill sandbags and wanted out to go to an infantry unit. You chewed our ass out in a large way, told us that C Troop had plenty of action in front of them, told us to be in full field gear and we were going on patrol. We were picked up and included a 3-day patrol around the perimeter of Camp Enari. We both were scared shitless, but survived the experience. We both became observer in LOH and proudly served with you. Kloss and I later went to the 4th LRRP course, he went to the 173rd and I went on to the MACV Recondo school in NaTrang and let a squad of Blues under Major Ledford. Kloss and I are still friends to this day, he is a master violin repairman in Needham, Mass. and I live in Winchester, Ky and own my own business for 35yrs. Hope you remember this story, best to you and your family,, proud to have served under you

      SSgt Thomas F. Thompson, C Trp 2/17 & 7/17, Viet Nam 68′-69′

      1. Sgt Thompson I remember you I was the company clerk from Apr 69 thru Jul 70.
        Was at Camp Enari also in Qui Nhon

        1. Miguel, hoping you can help me help a friend. Her husband died from Agent Orange related diseases about a 1 -1/2 ago and she is now trying to reconstruct his military history as he left little data.
          Richard Carroll is pictured in a number of photos wearing the Ruthless Riders patch sometime June 69 -June 70. He was a LRP and it appears also served with the 75th in that time frame. Would appreciate any guidance you might have for us. Thank you

      2. Danny A left fort Campbell in 68, flew to Stockton then back to Alameda air station, then bus to Oakland port, carrier to Vietnam ,29 days drop anchor Quin Nion harber.

    2. Colonel Frost, I think we ‘communicated’ several years ago and you may have been out of the States at the time. I saw Tommy Thompson’s post (have coffee with him several times a week) and wanted to renew my inquiry to you. Tommy received a Soldiers Medal (has the photo of the presentatiion), but never received any orders. I have been working for several years to try and get him the medal. Can you add anything to the story? Don’t know if you were there during that time or had moved on….
      Jerry Cecil
      1LT, C/1/503, 173d Abn Bde(SEP)
      Dak To, 1967-68

    3. Col. Frost: I wrote you an email a year ago yesterday (2/27/15) regarding SGT. Tommy Thompson, who is my ‘airborne buddy’ in Winchester, KY. I am trying to witnesses or a copy of orders awarding him a Soldiers Medal. Do you have information that may be helpful. I live close to Ft. Knox and Human Resources CMD is now there and I’d be willing to ‘run it to ground’ if you can provide any information. Thanks, Jerry Cecil, 1LT, C/1/503d, 173d Abn, Dak To, 1967-68.

  3. My co-worker, Richard Middendorf, was a member of C Troop in the late 60s/early 70s. He is getting ready to retire and I am planning to build a plastic model of an OH-6 to give to him. Where can I find some good photos of some of your birds? Thank you.

  4. I’m looking for those who served C Troop June-Dec. 1970 and Jan-April, 1971. My name is Bill Campbell. email in my wife’s name.

      1. I remember you Randy. I was there at the same time. Good seeing your post. I’m looking around for Tim McCann and Bill Best if you hear anything. If you’d like to touch base write me.

    1. I was there July 1970 to July 1971. Can’t recall your name but if I saw a picture I might remember. Would like to hear from you.

  5. Hey Guys
    Were you guys pilots ? I was an armorer from Oct. 70 to Oct. 71, mostly at Lane in An Son. Some of the guys I worked with were: ? Cummins, JK Harper, Charlie Brown, Dale Dewitt,
    Bill Richards, George Wallace, Victor Charles, Sgt. Sabol, and Ken Canfield. Some of the pilots were Nelmmmson, Bivins and Lancaster ( he was killed in action ). I haven’t been in touch with anyone since 1972. Just nice to say “Hi!” to some guys who shared the same experience, so many years

    Best regards

  6. I knew a man ,named Norm Benzing who passed away in2015 ,he has a friend who is telling stories about Norm being shot down three times in his chopper.I believe you had to be a warrant officer to pilot a chopper ,and that he used to shot elephants with his 50 cal. I was deployed U.S.Navy during Viet Nam . I don’t like people telling stories that are not true. Did anyone know Norm to collaborate these stories

    1. Capt Johnnie Garrett,
      It has been a long time! I was the flight operations specialist who took care of the flight records for all the chopper pilots in our unit. Went by Goof 10. Our CO’s were Col Clyde Hennings (Clyde 6) and Major Allen. Based in An Son then went to Quang Tri in January 1971 for a few months then back to An Son. I was there from July 1970 to July 1971. Hope to hear from you.

  7. Joe Concepcion C Troop Scout 7/17 looking for a friend don’t remember his first name Valdez was his last name. The last time i was with him was in hospital had lost right hand and part of his right leg .

  8. Anyone have any info on AH-1-G, 66-15327. Looking for crew and or info. This chopper was shot down in Laos on Feb. 11, 1971. 7 17 AC SQ C TP.

    1. Steve
      On 10 Feb 71 we had an AH-1-G take 13 hits, I think a 51cal though the rotor. It was slung out of Khe Sanh that day must be 327. It was flown by WO-1 George Bivens. BTW my memory is not that good, I kept a Diary.

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