Glen Smith

UH-1H 67-17290 served in C Troop during April 1968 to January 1972. She survived the war and was still flying in 2014 in a civilian role. Based at Fullerton Airport, CA, she carries external loads and serves in firefighting. This Huey appeared in several Hollywood movies, including “Mars Attacks” “We Were Solders”, and “Dante’s Peak”.

Glenn J. Smith set up an aviation company, Airlift Construction Services ( after he left the army. He bought this aircraft and modified it for its current role. To honor her legacy, he painted C Troop insignia on the nose. Formerly he was SP4, Glenn J Smith, Aircraft Repair Company, AVIM Bn, “Support with Pride”, Nellingen, W. Germany, 1975-1978.

Pictures © Copyright 2014 by Glenn J. Smith .


Taking Off
Construction – Big Load

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