Bob Springthorpe

Pictures © Copyright 2014 by Bob Springthorpe who served in C Troop during 1969 – 1970. He was leader of the lift platoon.
In 1971, He returned to Rhode Island where he operated a marina and sold boats, motors and trailers. After fifteen years, he sold it and worked for several friends in the boating business. Later, he established a business selling and renting boat, snowmobile and motorcycle trailers that he closed in 2009. He lives with his wife, a retired teacher, in Viera, Florida and has a daughter in Louisville, Kentucky. Activities include working in the yard, improving a Lionel train set, and boating on the Intercoastal Waterway.

His pictures start when C Troop flew the helicopters to San Francisco from Fort Campbell. They continue covering service at Plieku, Dak To and Qui Nhon.
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2 thoughts on “Bob Springthorpe

  1. What a find Robert. Marked all C/7/17 as favorite. Do you have a C-Troop Association? Need email please if you do. Otherwise here’s my cat out of the bag. From the 2000 reunion you guys inspired me to write a historical fiction saga w/all 67 chapters based on truth. 14 Years of write-research- write- revise have produced the need for photos of C-Troop from Campbell to 7/17 68-69. Story is based on three tours: A Few Birds in Hell is us (23 Ch.) A Few Birds from Hell is the 155th in BMT 65-66 (20 Ch.) and The Buskin Birds is 72-74 (24 Ch.) with the US Navy blockade of N- Nam aboard the USN Paul Revere, Juneau, Blue Ridge, Okinawa, and San Bernardino. Regards and all the best. Jack

  2. What a find Robert. Do you guys have a C-Troop Association? Love to sign up.
    Regards and all the best. Jack.

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